About Lisa Etherson and The Shame Training Co.

The Shame Training Co. has been set up by Lisa and Rob Etherson. Our aim is to provide quality training on shame and Shame Containment Theory (SCT). SCT is an innovative model for understanding and working with shame. You can access training in person or online at https://www.shametraining.com

About Lisa –Hi, I’m a qualified Psychosexual therapist with over 12 years experience in private practice. Before then, I worked in addiction services for over 15 years. Through my own personal journey and clinical experience, I realised there was a gap in our knowledge on shame. This motivated me to commence a PhD on shame, relational trauma and compulsive sexual behaviour in adult men. As a result, I have created Shame Containment Theory (SCT). I’m extraordinarily passionate about helping people understand shame through the SCT lens, as understanding our shame and its purpose can help most people improve their emotional and mental health, as well as their relationship with themselves and others.

About Rob –
Hi, I’m Rob. I’m the co-founder of The Shame Training Co. I have a wealth of experience in therapeutic communities and business development. However, my interest lies in helping professionals and anyone else who is interested in shame to understand themselves and their clients through the application of SCT. Having had persona therapy for over 30 years, it was working through and understanding my own shame that led me to transforming my relationship with myself.