An Introduction to Shame and Shame Containment Theory

This training is for counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers and any other allied professionals who want to gain a greater understing of shame and how to work with this complex emotion

This training will take place on 19th April, 9am to 4pm, at The Boardroom, Collingwood Buildings, 38 Collingwood St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1JF

£150 per space. Limited spaces are available. Refreshments included. Lunch not provided but café on site.

Why is this training needed?

Shame is a common but often misunderstood emotion. It has traditionally been a subject rarely taught in professional training. However, there has been a surge in interest in shame in recent years as professionals are begining to recognise shames importance in mental and emotional wellbeing. Shame containment theory offers a fresh and innovative apporach to shame. The theory offers not only a greater understanding of shame but also a model for working with shame. As clients who feel stuck are often experiencing shame, this training offers different insights into interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics. 

  • Participants will feel more comfortable having conversations with clients about shame
  • To gain an understanding of the 5 components of SCT
  • Participants will be aware of why, when and how their clients may be experiencing shame. These will include the most common presentations i.e. perfectionism, being self critical, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and problems with pornography
  • Particpants will be able to recognise which part of the shame is activated in their clients
  • Therapists will recognise that they already have transferable skills needed to discuss shame
  • Particiapnts will be taught about each of the 5 components of SCT
  • Particpants will consider case studies to enhance their understanding of SCT
  • Participants will relfect on how they can change their relationship with shame and how their practice may change

About Lisa Etherson and The Shame Training Co.

Hi, I’m Lisa Etherson. I’m a qualified psychosexual therapist who has been in private practice for over 10 years. I work with adults, either as individuals or couples, who present with an array of sexual problems.

An experience of uncontained shame several years ago changed my life. I recognised for the first time that what I was expericing in that moment was shame.

This revelation made me seek out help for shame as I now knew that shame had dominated all of my life. However, finding someone to work with shame was a difficult task. I resorted to reading any books I could find on shame and it was this enquiry that led me to embarking on a PhD in shame.

Over the past 9 years, I have dedicated my life to understanding this most complex of emotions. This endeavour has eventually led to the creation of shame containment theory. As part of The Shame Training Co. along side Rob Etherson, we are delighted to share this innovative theory with you.