Introduction to Shame Containment Theory - in person training

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Enhance your practice with our groundbreaking in-person training course on shame containment theory. Tailored for counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers, social workers, and other professionals, this course delves into the emerging understanding of shame as a pivotal factor in mental and emotional well-being. As society recognizes the profound impact of shame on individuals, our course introduces a fresh perspective through shame containment theory, providing a innovative approach to understanding and working with shame. Through the shame containment theory lens, this course will provide practical insights into why we have shame from the perspective of attachment and how shame is a vital emotion that is needed for survival.

In this one-day training on shame containment theory we will delve into the fundamental five components that constitute the bedrock of this theory: attachment injuries, contained shame, uncontained shame, shame containment strategies, and re-containment strategies. Through this learning experience, you will gain an understanding of these concepts, enabling you to recognize and navigate the intricate landscape of shame experienced by your clients.

By the course’s conclusion, you will emerge with heightened awareness of the purpose of shame and equipped with practical strategies to help your clients redefine their relationship with this often misunderstood emotion.